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Saturday, August 1, 2015


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Welcome to Success By Design Asia!

Solutions and Tools used to Succeed.

Management Coaching

Coaching can often provide the guidance necessary to assist a manager in the development of attitude and skills to more successfully power a company forward.

Using Your Genius - Living Your Talent

Studies of top performers among successful people have shown that it is imperative to know where your thinking talent (Your Genius) lies. The Using Your Genius Program helps you to gain that knowledge.

Management NLP

NLP seminars provide tools for people to better understand how they think or process information from both internal and external sources. Having a better understanding of how they and others communicate leads to a greater ability to function in various situations that arise in personal and business life. Our seminars focus on improving management using NLP techniques.

Business Improvement

Process Improvement is a matter of both careful examination of business data and processes in addition to the suitable training and education of employees. Success By Design has the capabilities to handle both these areas which can improve the efficiency of an organization and lead to improved financial results.

Selection and Development of People

Our time-tested, valid, and dependable assessments from Target Training International (TTI), can help you leverage the Return On Investment (ROI) in your people and place them in roles where they will feel motivated to achieve their maximum potential. Our products have been used by millions of people in more than 40 countries.